We are a UK based seller of unique Japanese textiles including eco-friendly furoshiki & tenugui, vintage obi, stunning shibori textile art & contemporary fabric products from Nuno Corporation. 

We supply to the UK & destinations outside of the UK.


FOR DELIVERIES OUTSIDE OF THE UK: please e-mail us before placing your order. We will advise you on the delivery options and costs for your country/address. 

We can upcycle any of our fabrics so you can also enjoy them as cushions, table runners and so on. We also offer one-off ceramic items, calligraphy pieces, lighting & lacquerware from leading Japanese artists.  

We offer a bespoke commission service for calligraphy. We provide original calligraphy art work, commercial items, award certificates (e.g. for martial arts schools) and calligraphy for body art.

We offer services, courses & training on our products as well as on all aspects of Japanese culture.

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Japan Without the Cliches

All of our products come from Japan. Or we have made them using quality Japanese materials. That said, we aren't looking to turn your space into a geisha parlour. We choose an item because we would happily have it in our own home and not because it screams "Japan".  Some things may speak a bit more loudly than others of course. And some items speak a bit more Japanese than others. But we believe that our carefully chosen items can enhance your décor scheme. Our choice of materials and designs remind us of the natural world & evoke a sense of harmony with it.

 Upcycling is the New Black

In the UK we all know about waste not want not. In Japan they have "mottainai" - the shame of wasting, or not fully using, a resource. Worldwide, the 3R's of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are increasingly accepted. Recycling becomes Upcycling when we take something old and unused and give it a new use.  

We are pleased to offer an "upcycling" service. In plain English: let us know if you think that one of our fabrics would make a great table runner, set of cushions, or something else that needs making up! We can take care of that for you. Please have a look at our Upcycling page to see what we do.

Can't  Quite See What You're Looking For?

We realise that some of our items may pique your interest and yet may frustrate you too.... if only they had a bigger/smaller one or one in my favourite colour or one with my own special message etc. etc. We've all been there! If you find yourself in this situation then do get in touch. We are always delighted to discuss your bespoke calligraphy, textile and ceramic requirements.

I Hear & I Forget; I See & I Remember; I Do & I Understand! Training Here!

For those who want to get "hands on" and have some fun learning all there is to learn about wrapping with furoshiki or writing Japanese calligraphy or who maybe just want to spend a couple of hours learning a little bit…ask us about it!

We offer training, fun courses and one-off events, presentations and ambience for parties, corporate team building, educational establishments and retail staff.

Something You Need to Know?

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products. Please use the contact form or call us (10.00-17.00hrs) on 01706-281008 or e-mail Kiyoko  at info@thefuroshikicompany.co.uk











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