Lacquerware & Ceramics from the Saitama Hermit

Calligraphy by Morita Senin: "welcome to the world of the Saitama hermit"


Japanese lacquerware is famous around the world. Japanese restaurants typically serve their miso soup in a lacquer bowl. That gleaming black (or red) lacquer look even led to the phrase "Jappaned" to describe Western products that had been treated to get a similar appearance.

Japanese lacquerware is constantly reinvigorated by contemporary Japanese artists making their own interpretations. We are very excited to offer unique wooden platters by Morita Senin.

 Hand lacquered platter by Morita Senin

The name "Senin" means hermit. Morita-san is actually very approachable and friendly but he does have a religious like zeal about his work. His studio, the Senin Goya (literally "the Hermit's Shed") has been established in Saitama for more than 10 years. It is crammed full of Morita-san's work in a number of mediums including ceramics and calligraphy. Morita-san's work has a down to earth quality to it and he likes to see his work in everyday use.

In addition to Morita-san's wooden platters we also have several of his small ceramic pieces available.

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