About Obiage

Obiage fabrics are traditionally worn with kimono and obi. The obiage is used to support and hold the obi sash in place. The literal translation of obiage is "to keep the obi in place".

Obiage aren't just functional though. The obiage's colours and patterns must complement the kimono and obi. A well chosen obiage can enhance the whole outfit. One's dress sense and style can be judged by the choice of obiage.

Photo:  Detail from one of our Obiage

Obiage are available in many colours. Complex woven patterns also add rich detail to the obiage design. It's not unusual for an obi design to combine woven design features with various dyed hues.

Weaving gives quite a delicate looking, but surprisingly strong, fabric. And the obiage needs to be able to stand up to some wear and tear given its usual use.  

Woven in silk, most obiage are around 180 x 30 cm.  The obiage's size, and superb design detail, make it ideal for use as a scarf or as a table runner to think of just a couple of ways to enjoy it. 

You can browse images of our obiage in the gallery and you can buy our obiage in the online shop.