Stunning Fabrics from Japan's Nuno



"Always looking for beauty, mystery and heightened awareness"
                                                                              Reiko Sudo CEO Nuno Corporation

Nuno Corporation take their name from the Japanese word for fabric. Nuno was formed in 1984 by Reiko Sudo and Junichi Arai. Since then Nuno has have produced many stunningly unique fabrics.

  Photo: Detail from a Nuno fabric

Tradition and innovation can both be found in Nuno's products. A Nuno fabric may combine industrial and handmade processes and materials. Nuno fabrics have been exhibited at museums and galleries around the world including London's Victoria and Albert.

                                                                  Photo: We've looped  a Nuno fabric for use as a scarf.

Photo: A two-layered nuno fabric. This fabric has outer layers of organza silk. Strips of mino washi Japanese mulberry paper are woven inside the layers. Mino washi is known for its strength so it may be used in making paper fabrics.  Here it gives a stunning decorative effect. This fabric design has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

You can see our Nuno items in our Nuno Gallery and you can buy them in our Online Nuno Shop. 

Photo: Japanese calligraphy for Nuno. This calligraphy and the "Nuno" logo are trademarks of Nuno Corporation