Shodo - The Way of Writing

 Photo: Sensei Fukami at an exhibition of her work in Japan

We are pleased to offer Japanese Calligraphy by Master Calligrapher Fukami Kou & her student Kiyoko Suzuki Hay

Fukami Kou is a Master Japanese calligrapher based in Mito, Japan. Born in 1939, Sensei Kou exhibits her work regularly in Japan and also maintains a busy calligraphy school in Ibaraki. Kiyoko Suzuki Hay is a Japanese calligrapher based in the UK. Kiyoko studied calligraphy with Sensei Fukami in Japan, reaching 1st Dan level, prior to relocating to the UK.

    Photo: Sensei Fukami with one of her larger pieces. The large, abstract looking, piece is actually four distinct Japanese kanji (characters) which read as "sen zai ichi gu". The image below shows how these characters look when written in standard "writing" (computer generated font).

   The literal translation of the kanji is "1,000 opportunities 1 meeting". The meaning of "sen zai ichi gu" is that we will meet many people and try many things but we will only feel a real connection very rarely. When we experience the "one meeting" we should act on it.  

We are pleased to offer calligraphy work by Fukami Sensei. You can browse these works in the Calligraphy Gallery or purchase them in our Online Calligraphy Shop.

Bespoke calligraphy pieces can also be commissioned - details below.

Kiyoko is also experienced in running calligraphy workshops as a fun event for educational organisations, corporate team building, and anyone who wants to try their hand. We guarantee to have you writing your own name and organisation name by the end of our session.  Spending time focused on calligraphy writing can also be a powerful meditative and thus wellbeing experience.

Try Your Own Hand

Japanese calligraphy artists are practitioners of "Shodo", literally the "Way of Writing". When we talk about a "way" of writing we're not talking about whether the writing is joined up, has a flowery appearance or looks like the scratchings of a rather demented and erratic hen. Shodo is the "way" that uses writing as a path to personal growth and development.

These days we are used to hearing about holistic practices and the need to have a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. Shodo has been helping Japanese to achieve this for many years. Shodo like other mind-body practices such as Tai Chi helps us to develop skills and a way of being that we can take into all aspects of our daily life.

Bespoke Art Work

Kiyoko is happy to work with you to create your own bespoke Japanese Calligraphy art work. This is not as expensive as you might think with smaller commissions available from £50.

You may have a specific piece of poetry, inspirational phrase, emotion, or name in mind. Or you may just know that you would like a stylish calligraphy piece to add serenity to your room. Kiyoko is happy to suggest something for you.

Kiyoko is also experienced in designing and writing certificates for the Japanese martial arts such as Aikido, Karate, Kendo, Jiu Jutsu, Ninjutsu, Iaido and Judo.

Whatever your requirement we can create a work of art that will last you a lifetime. And don't worry about accurate translation of English phrases into Japanese as Kiyoko is bilingual (English/Japanese) and has vast experience of translation and interpretation.

Creating Your Bespoke Art Work

This is basically a three stage process as detailed below. You will have a lot of input into the creation of your work. It shouldn't be too time consuming though as we can use e-mail and phone calls. Commissions can be completed in as little as one week.

Stage 1. We discuss your requirements (by phone/e-mail or in person) including phrase translation, type of calligraphy font/writing to be used, how the calligraphy will be positioned & the actual materials to be used.

Stage 2. Place your order. Kiyoko will make hand drawn preliminary samples for your input and approval. These can be viewed in person or by scanned copy sent by e-mail.

Stage 3. After your approval Kiyoko will make your artwork. More accurately she will make several pieces for you to choose from.

Kiyoko has created art work on stone as well as paper. Wood too can be used as a drawing surface.

Contact Kiyoko about creating your own art work

E:      T: 01706-281008